Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ecocide: Evidence Of Toxins of Power

People have a love affair with their new cars it has been said.

Some are so intimate with their vehicle that they use them as a weapon when they commit suicide.

For whatever reason some people park the car, put a hose from the exhaust through the window to the inside, then get back inside and wait for oblivion.


That perverse "vehicular intimacy" seems to be a relationship we are having with the Earth.

About ten years ago the main stream media began to report about a garbage gyre in the pacific ocean, which was about twice the size of Texas.

Now, more is known about gyres, and we now find that there are Five Continents of Garbage floating in the various oceans:
Thus far, we've found plastic milk crates, lighters, toothbrushes, bottle caps, shotgun shells, dental floss holders, buckets and bucket lids, bleach bottles, antifreeze bottles, plastic bags, plastic tubs, nail polish remover bottles, and every manner of plastic goods one would find in any grocery store across the world. As a crew, we collect this debris from the deck of the Sea Dragon with large fish nets and examine the contents. The results have been staggering. Ultimately, it's difficult to imagine the size of the problem that is now affecting the Atlantic too because our vantage is that of a needle in a haystack -- a 72 foot research sailboat amidst the vast wilderness of an enormous ocean. But what's certain, given the data and debris collected already along a transect, is that the problem of plastic in oceanic gyres worldwide is at least twice as bad as researchers knew before and is ubiquitous in the Atlantic as well.
(Five Gyre Org). In a post on this blog we have set forth the hypothesis that the toxins of power, anciently conceived of as a personal problem of an individual, are actually a greater danger than that.

We hypothesize that the toxins of power are a danger to entire groups, which may include entire nations.

This blog has even wondered if it the toxins of power is a cosmic phenomenon.

Now, with the recent discoveries of the garbage gyres, and other planet wide dangers, this blog now asserts that the toxins of power are a threat to our entire species in the sense that the toxins of power are a threat to our ecosystem.

It is as if the planet is saying: "Whatever you permit the toxins of power to influence you to do to the ecosystem, is exactly what you are allowing to be done to yourselves, up to and including the murder of the entire human species."

The murder of the planet, including humanity, is the definition of ecocide.

Thus, the toxins of power can kill, maim, and utterly destroy if not countered with antitoxins.

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