Friday, January 22, 2010

Is Toxic Power A Cosmic Phenomenon?

Not all nations of the earth subscribe to the notion that power corrupts those who inhabit seats of power.

In large measure the notion is limited to English speaking nations, but many people from non-English speaking nations study the theories of government and political science we subscribe to.

If our cosmology and solar science is correct, the solar systems are terrifying places in the long run, requiring migration from habitable planet to habitable planet.

If the toxins of power are inhibiting our ability to comply with the tenets of ecocosmology, then it might be a good idea to find a way to detect the toxins on a planet before we choose it as a place to make a new home world.

Our science does not yet understand, at the quantum mechanics level, how our mind works.

In fact, Roger Penrose, a famous physicist, even says lots of fantasy is contained within our physics.

Thus, since we really can't detect the furthest reaches of our minds, we are not really able to detect the toxins at the quantum level either.

The only thing to do seems to be to keep working at it.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Modification Of The Formula

The original formula was:
C = (O * Y) ((T¹ .. Tº) - (A¹ .. Aº))
(see Tables For Toxins). It is being modified to:
C = (O * Y) ((T¹ .. Tº) - (A¹ .. Aº) + 1)
This modification adds a "+1" to the toxin - antitoxin arithmetic. This is done to add more focus or emphasis upon the "O * Y" factor.

The "O * Y" portion of the formula relates to the time in office, which could be too easily neutralized under the earlier formula.

That is because the (T¹ .. Tº) - (A¹ .. Aº) could have become zero which would neutralize the time in office arithmetic.

We also add a rule that "T - A" can not be a negative number but can be only as low as zero.