Friday, January 15, 2010

Modification Of The Formula

The original formula was:
C = (O * Y) ((T¹ .. Tº) - (A¹ .. Aº))
(see Tables For Toxins). It is being modified to:
C = (O * Y) ((T¹ .. Tº) - (A¹ .. Aº) + 1)
This modification adds a "+1" to the toxin - antitoxin arithmetic. This is done to add more focus or emphasis upon the "O * Y" factor.

The "O * Y" portion of the formula relates to the time in office, which could be too easily neutralized under the earlier formula.

That is because the (T¹ .. Tº) - (A¹ .. Aº) could have become zero which would neutralize the time in office arithmetic.

We also add a rule that "T - A" can not be a negative number but can be only as low as zero.

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