Saturday, November 6, 2010

Toxic Germ > Toxic Seed > Toxic Monster

Dredd Blog has a series entitled "Corp Germ > Corp seed > Corp Monster" which shows an evolution of corporations from a germ > to seed > to monster.

Since this blog focuses on underlying toxins of power to explain those types of corrupting events, this post will argue that the toxins of power can be traced or identified by watching that type of development within corporations.

The basic argument is that since corporations are a location for a centralization of power, if toxins of power exist, then they should be able to be found in various corporate footprints, corporate records.

Noam Chomsky recently commented on corporate leaders who are caught up in a meme complex infected to the hilt with the toxins of power:
“There is growing recognition that our financial system is running a doomsday cycle,” economists Peter Boone and Simon Johnson wrote in the Financial Times in January. “Whenever it fails, we rely on lax money and fiscal policies to bail it out. This response teaches the financial sector: Take large gambles to get paid handsomely, and don’t worry about the costs—they will be paid by taxpayers” through bailouts and other devices, and the financial system “is thus resurrected to gamble again—and to fail again.”

The doomsday metaphor also applies outside the financial world. The American Petroleum Institute, backed by the Chamber of Commerce and the other business lobbies, has intensified its efforts to persuade the public to dismiss concerns about anthropogenic global warming—with considerable success, as polls indicate. Among Republican congressional candidates in the 2010 election, virtually all reject global warming.

The executives behind the propaganda know that global warming is real, and our prospects grim. But the fate of the species is an externality that the executives must ignore, to the extent that market systems prevail. And the public won’t be able to ride to the rescue when the worst-case scenario unfolds.
(In These Times). What Noam is saying is that social policy and law compel corporate controllers to follow a path which, in the long term, is economically suicidal as well as being environmentally suicidal.

The central dynamic is a cycle of addiction which is criminally insane, because it will obviously lead to the doom of the system it is infecting, and most important for making it criminal, they know it.

This is the essence of toxins of power theory, that the toxins of power are an unseen, under the covers, and invisible government influence operating without any need for any conspiracy (cf. Epigovernment: The New Model - 7).

What Chomsky, Dredd Blog, Ecocosmology Blog, and a host of others are fingering is the mental, emotional, and spiritual state of denial.

That state of denial is essential for the seed, which came from the germ, to evolve into the monster, then do the damage.

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